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New Year update

Happy new year guys, hope you all had a great break and feel refreshed for kicking 2018 in the nether regions. 

One of my NY resolutions this year is to use this blog/experimentation section of my website more. I realise that at the moment it pretty much no one is checking it out but hey what was the expression 'If you build it they will come'.

So for no the plan is to keep it loose and try a few different things here, I hope that it becomes somewhere people enjoy coming back to time and time again. Some of my favourite design and illustration websites of all time all used to have really active blogs, over the last 5 years or so a lot of them dwindled with the rise of social platforms and to be honest I miss it. 

Now don't get me wrong that is awesome too but I do long for the days of going to mostly any design studio or illustrators site and it being rich with content, not just the work, but process logs, articles and little windows into the mind of the guys and gals behind the work I loved. 

So as a start here are some small illustration experiments I completed over the break for a bit of fun. I think i am going to write a post on my thoughts about illustration style, developing one naturally, the pressure of finding 'your style' and how I have come to peace with the fact I haven't quite landed a single one yet… and that that is ok, because I feel like I am on the path to defining  what my visual language will become.

So check back regularly and hopefully your are going to find some fun content here sitting for you guys. It will be as honest a 'warts and all' account of things as I dare to give, so expect to see my failures as well as my successes, and anything I learn that I think will benefit anyone else Ill get it up here. 

In the mean time here are those quick illustration experiments I mentioned earlier, and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where Ill post when this section has been updated in the future.

David Leonard